How you can contribute to this documentation

These pages are rendered using RST/Sphinx and served using Read the Docs. RST is a subset of Sphinx. Sphinx is RST with some extensions.

How to modify the webpages

The source code for this documentation is hosted on You need a GitLab account to modify the sources.

With a GitLab account you have two possibilities to edit the sources:

Note that the entire documentation including the entire documentation source code is public. Do not publish sensitive information and harvestable email addresses.

How to locally test changes

You do not have to push to see and test your changes. You can test them locally. For this install the necessary requirements:

$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ pip install sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme

Then build the pages with:

$ sphinx-build . _build

Then point your browser to _build/html/index.html.