Quick start

Clone and build the latest code

Clone the repository (master branch):

$ git clone --recursive https://gitlab.com/dalton/dalton.git

In case of LSDalton:

$ git clone --recursive https://gitlab.com/dalton/lsdalton.git

Build the code:

$ ./setup [--help]
$ cd build
$ make [-j4]

Run the test set:

$ ctest [-j4]

Want to contribute changes?

Fork either https://gitlab.com/dalton/dalton or https://gitlab.com/dalton/lsdalton, commit your changes, and file a merge request. Always use feature branches, never push to the master branch.

Developer mailing list

All developers should sign up to the dalton-wizards mailing list. Here you get information about Dalton meetings, get updates on general disussions, and get information about release re-scheduling and decision making outside the Dalton meetings. To sign up contact either Hans Jørgen Jensen (hjj@sdu.dk), Trygve Helgaker (t.u.helgaker@kjemi.uio.no) or Kenneth Ruud (kenneth.ruud@uit.no).